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Giannone Petricone Associates

Giannone Petricone Associates Inc. Architects is a Toronto based design firm, led since 1995 by Principals Ralph Giannone and Pina Petricone. Partners in both life and work, they share a keen instinct for urban culture, a passion for fashioning provocative spaces and an evolving and inspired search for unconventional uses of forms and materials to ensure innovation and richness at a range of scales.

The firm’s award-winning portfolio ranges from furniture design to master planning, and everything in between, with expertise in hospitality and retail design, commercial and institutional projects, feasibility studies and urban development.

While retaining elemental simplicity and restraint, Giannone Petricone Associates’ projects delight in their acknowledgement of the city at all scales, and their simultaneously practical and emotive transformation of spaces, surfaces and details. The work evokes a love of modernism mixed with a genuine sense of joy in the unexpected, imbuing projects with both intellectual and sensorial pleasure.

Dedicated to design excellence and client service, Giannone Petricone Associates approaches each project with a collaborative spirit, uniting curiosity, research and skill in planning and architecture with a thorough understanding of locality, client requirements and ambitions, and tectonic possibilities. Partnerships with manufacturers and craftspeople result in innovative forms and materials. The resulting projects are imaginative, responsive and beautifully crafted.

Giannone Petricone Associates has received both local and international recognition through design awards, publications, long-term relationships and many repeat clients.